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Welcome to CarVin.App - Your Ultimate BMW VIN Decoder.

Ever wonder what secrets your BMW is hiding under its sleek hood? At CarVin.App, we’re all about diving deep into the riveting past and intricate details of every BMW.

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Here’s the scoop: we’re not just about numbers and cold data. We see every BMW as a living, breathing storybook of adventures waiting to be told. Our mission? To bridge the gap between you and your BMW’s hidden narrative.

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We are proud to have provided thousands of paid vehicle history reports over the years. Here are some of our milestones:

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Think of CarVin.App as your BMW’s biography writer. We’re not just spitting out technical jargon—we’re telling the tale of your car’s soul.

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Decode your VIN, sure, but stick around for the stories. Our community of BMW aficionados is always buzzing—sharing tales, swapping tips, and celebrating the BMW lifestyle.

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At CarVin.App, we cherish values like continuous learning, teamwork, empathy, open-mindedness, creativity, and ingenuity, believing they are crucial to delivering superior service to our users.

Our Story

Launched in April 2018, CarVin.App quickly became a key player in the car history market. Here’s a brief look at our journey: